Realfoodism is a philosophy based in traditional foods and cooking techniques, for the benefit of our health, our posterity, the plants and animals we consume, and the environment.

By eating real foods, we minimize our exposure to unhealthy, toxic, and unnatural chemicals. We nourish and strengthen ourselves in the ways that worked for centuries, before Big Food and agribusiness hijacked the food system. And each time we buy real foods, we cast an important vote in the food system by showing grocers that there is demand for real food. Those are the reasons why good sourcing is so important. Real food sets itself apart from “food.” The majority of what is called “food” today, especially the “food” that is on the shelves at grocery stores, is so processed, so refined, so far removed from its natural state, it would be unrecognizable to your great-grandparents. It shouldn’t even be called “food.”

Our food system has been hijacked by agribusiness, big food companies and their lobbyists, and food scientists – taste engineers, biochemists and biogeneticists, among others. During the past 60 years, the food system has undergone more changes than the past 600 years combined. The symptoms of our broken food system include but are not limited to: cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and depression. Add to that the fact that those symptoms are treated with drugs and physical therapy/exercise, rather than addressing the cause of the issue, and thus is borne a vicious cycle. Most people are not eating the things humans are adapted to eat, instead falling victim to the traps of hyper-processed convenience and fast foods, which are designed for profit rather than for the benefit of the consumers.

We are lost in our current food system. Just as a hiker lost in the woods would turn around and retrace his steps until he arrived at a familiar place, we need to look to the past to identify traits of healthy sustainable food systems in order to get ourselves back on track. Here at realfoodism, we believe the system can change. The movement begins now.